Hi / High

by natology

Everything breaks down to perspective, which inevitably shapes the way we manifest our individual and collective visions. That is to say, we are the alchemists in an creative age that will stand amongst the test of time. It’s easy to forget the positive stuff when we are in transition, recession, war, environmental distress, and going through iiiiiiiiitttt.

Natology is a documentation of our time and the curators within it. My goal is to keep things simple and informative as I share with you the people, ideas, and movements that are redesigning culture and taking things to the next level. In short, I am a dreamer, surrounded by some of the most inspiring and amazing people on the planet… and some that I have yet to know. I’m excited to see how the story unfolds and invite you along for the ride.

We’re on this adventure together,

Nathaly Charria