by natology

It’s been fifty years since Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech that shook a country, gathered a generation, and changed the course of history. It’s been fifty years since the March on Washington, since a generation joined together to demand the end of war and the freedom of people through a little bit of love. Decades later, American society was kidnapped by a consumerist sorcerer that entranced a mass population with the distraction for more more and more, alongside an ample serving of complacency and fear. Throughout the dormant state of entrancement the next generation of idealists, creatives, and revolutionaries worked around the clock. And here we are today, inaugurating our first black president in his second term as he speaks the ideals of our generation and serves as a progressive ally into an era of enlightenment that is redefining society and all that is.

Today, president Obama placed Stonewall among the movements that define a culture and openly supported gay rights. Beyonce sang the star spangled banner. Richard Blanco became the first gay hispanic inaugural poet, an FIU alumni and Miami native to boot. And Michelle Obama laid it down with a Thom Browne number that melted sartorialist hearts around the world. Today we are reminded of how much can be accomplished in less than a lifetime and that we are the curators of this life. So let’s stay awake this time around because fifty years is just around the corner and we’re moving at light speed towards the idealist dream ahead.

In case you haven’t gotten a chance to catch the speech, here it is. Regardless of your attention span, make sure to listen between 14:00-15:00min.